Together with my colleagues Anja & Rebecca at fable+ [web] we were looking for a more engaging ways to educate people on the agile manifesto [web]. We offer what we created here to print & play for your own use, all we ask is to please respect and not remove the logos or links. If you’re willing to provide us feedback, that would be even more awesome!

Agile Values

We came up with a puzzle for the values, which we’re testing right now. It shines in enabling participant conversations around sorting and connecting the things in here, instead of the ‘teacher talking.’ They give you great insight in where they stand, their way of reasoning, who are the ‘agile champs’ in the team and clearly show hooks to offer coaching or mentoring.

A great insight for me as a coach is once you split the items, there are multiple valid combinations. Responding to Change -over- Contract Negotiation can make total sense. Same for Individuals & Interactions -over- Comprehensive Documentation. That means for facilitating the game that I give them and discuss the answer sheet, but don’t correct their puzzle. For me it’s not about begin right or wrong if they show a decent mindset in approaching the discussions.

You can download the files here to print & play yourself:

Agile Values Puzzle [PDF]
Agile Values Puzzle Answer [PDF]

Agile Principles

We came up with another interactive element for this part, which is still in development. Subscribe or keep an eye out for this part.