It’s time to enroll for Play4Agile again, a serious gaming unconference in Germany.

So, last year this happened: I made a Playpplication [blog] to apply for a spot. Except I forgot to fill in the official form that goes with it.
Oh well, “Ordnung muss sein” I guess… Anyway, my application wasn’t processed and I ended up on spot #42 on the waiting list… which meant I never got to attend it. 🙁

A year later and being more German now (living there since two weeks, lol) I’ll make sure to stick to the process this time. So here is my Playpplication for 2019 [web] and I’m already on the waiting list in Eventbrite. Let’s hope I’ll be part of it without needing a lottery!

[EDIT] You know you’re real buddies when a friend creates a profile that complements yours. <3

Playpplication Eddy

  • After quite the confusion it seems I made it in this year! Now hoping some of the people I look forward to meet will also get that lucky. 🤞