One of the main goals in my daily job is putting the fun in functional. I consider gamifying work as one of the best way to achieve this. So when working with me you can expect a lot of physical games and gaming elements in workshops and sessions.

Brace yourself, work joy is coming!

These are the existing games which I most often use in my daily job as an agile transformation coach:

  • Black Stories
    This is a murder mystery solving game which enhances lateral thinking in a group, use it before a brainstorm or sprint planning
  • Rory’s StoryCubes (blog post coming soon)
    A storytelling framework which I use for introductions, retrospectives, brainstorms and much more
  • Product Owner Value Game
    In most companies, business value has little to no relation to effort, this game helps to realise this fact
  • Happy Salmon
    THE easiest to explain, shortest, most energizing, most instant-gratification game in my toolbox

There are also some things I designed myself which sport gaming elements to help visualize harder-to-grasp concepts or teach people things in a playful way:

  • Build-your-own Scrum framework
    Assess Scrum knowledge in a new group and have the right discussions on how people perceive Scrum in your team
  • Visualise your team’s heartbeat
    So a real Scrum team within an agile organisation is only supposed to have four recurring meetings, visualize those to see when you have the team together for knowledge sharing or other events
  • Bag o’ diamonds (stakeholderrr value exerrrcise)
    Having trouble managing your stakeholders and weighing their interests against each other? Try this old pirate trick!
  • My team’s skill fractals
    Nowadays people don’t only burn out, they also bore out. No-one is a one-trick-pony and wants to repeat the same action ~40 hours a week, so unlock your team’s potential by visualising their skill sets

There are probably lots of other things I do to make work more fun without even realising it. Best way to find out is work with me. 🙂