Why this blog is called Agileety:

Agileety is wordplay on my work infused with my hobby. Agility refers to what I bring to the table on the projects I join. Leet nowadays is internet-speak used by (video) gamers to express how ‘cool’ they are.

Most people work close to 40-hour workweeks. Most of those people don’t realize they spend around half of their non-sleeping life with their colleagues. This means they might see them more than their partner, kids or pets… So I see it as my duty to make teams aware of this and help them with putting the fun in functional.
You can read more about the origins of this blog in my introduction post.

The Author

Passport Jordann

Jordann is a professional geek with an energetic personality. He loves to play around with the latest gadgets, technology and ideas. Being full of energy, he has a lot of enthusiasm and motivation to bring to the table.

When things don’t go as expected, one won’t find him lingering in that setting for long. Instead he prefers to be pragmatic and look forward. Jordann loves a decent challenge, while ensuring he doesn’t dive into challenges he can’t meet.

His agile mindset leaves enough freedom for his creativity to often kick in. That same agility is also making his solutions adapt quick to ever-changing environments. Being able to facilitate, motivate and even inspire the people he works with, is exactly the thing that keeps him going. Jordann brings most added value when working in a team or in close collaboration with other people. Expect him to help you go level up!

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