At Play4Agile 2019 [web] Jakob Wolman and I facilitated a session inspired by Sabina Lammert.  With a group of wonderful and playful minds we brainstormed on a card deck to gamify acts of kindness, joy and appreciation.

Coming period we’re eager to turn this into a print and play format with inspiration instructions, so feel free to use it for your needs.

Done Steps

  • 55be16ad-5789-4c91-b060-6ecc70eb727aPlan regular call to keep this going
  • Select first beta deck from input below
  • Design card template (much love ❤️ to Sabina for offering the first design in the picture)
  • Create feedback form for the card deck
  • Create feedback form for new card suggestions
  • Release to test group (if you‘re reading this, you can be one!) for first feedback

Next Steps

  • Digitize and rewrite some more collected input from the pictures below
  • Draft core instructions
  • Design new card template (which has url instead of our names… 🙈)
  • Order to do‘s in Trello and make the board open

Keep an eye on this page to see the progress!


Download the Magical Moments beta-deck

Form for general feedback on the deck

Form for suggesting new cards

Initial Brainstorm

Here are pictures from all the non-curated content that came out of the brainstorm:





Stretch Goals

Some ideas for stretch goals are:

  • multiple playing modes
  • having art/drawings on the cards
  • creating a beautiful and durable card deck one can buy
  • supplying a workshop format to create a card deck with your teams/organization that fits to your culture and values